Type: Brakes, Press
Manuf: TMA
Model: FNB-300T/3200

NEW TMA (China) Hydraulic Press Brake. Model: FNB-300T/3200 with E10 with Torsion bar synchronized and digital display

Bending force: 300 Ton;
Bending length: 3200 mm;
Distance between holes: 2500 mm;
Fast down speed: 80 mm/s;
Working speed: 10 mm/s;
Return speed: 70 mm/s;
Max. Opening height: 580mm;
Slider travel: 250 mm;
Throat depth: 400 mm;
Working table
Working table length: 3200 mm;
Working table width: 200 mm;
Working table height: 800 mm;
Total power: 22kw;
Back gauge:
Back gauge travel: 750mm;
Main Equipment:
Hydraulic system: Omega;
Pump: Gear pump;
Electrics: Germany TE / OMRON;
O-rings: Japanese NOK;
Gear pump: Shanghai Hangfa;
Electrical pieces: TE / OMRON;
Foot switch: Imported from Korea;
Controller: ESTUN E10;
Standard valve and gear pump
Other standard equipment:
Segmented upper punch die: 1set;
Lower die: 1 piece;
Stop fingers: 2 pieces;
Front supporting arms: 2 pieces;
Emergency stop button;
Back, left and right safety fence;
Foundation bolts: 1set;
Tooling: 1set (screw driver and spanner);
Manuals and diagram: 1 book;
Optional equipment:
Front supports with guide rail
Servo ram motor (Optional:
Bosch valve (Optional:
Ball screw, line guide rail, adjustable fingers